News: lawsuit, Twitch, website and deals.

Hi every one.

As the first:
Hope that everyone is doing well, despite the difficult circumstances we are in right now, with coronavirus. I hope you take good care of yourself, and each other.

It has all been very hectic here, lately on both Nordic Slots, Twitch, coronavirus and in private. This has meant that I had to shift some focus, form the page. Can now say that it is changing.

As many know, we at Nordic-Slots had hired someone to redesign our website and add the elements we felt we were missing.
Be in good dialogue with someone. It just turned out that the person, did not respond to our messages or delivered the agreed product. Despite being paid to solve the task.
I have therefore decided to bring a case against him, which was approved by the court yesterday (Thursday). Now they need to get information, etc. I’ll keep you updated as I know more.

As many of you have seen,, our Twitch has been a little quiet and this is due to several reasons.
Mark, who was part of our stream team. He wrote to me that he needed a break from the slots. We have 100% respect for that. Because with many hours of slots a week, you need a break. So we understand that and respect it 100%. I also needed a break myself. But as it is now, Mark is not part of Nordic slots.
Myself needed a short break. But am back and running 3 streams a week. Hope over time it can become more :). See you on Twitch

As you can see, there have been major changes to the site. Over the past week, I have spent many hours rebuilding everything, updating the list of deals. There is still a bit to go, until we reach the finish line but the site itself is 100% running. Right now I work with a lot of “boring” stuff in the background, when it is in place then the different reviews have to be done. So you can get a 100% picture of our opinion on the different Casinos.

All appointments are more or less entered, missing a few, but it’s coming soon. If there is a casino you would like us to make an appointment with then write to us. rember so all the deals here

That was all for now.

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