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Hi every one.

Hope all is well and you remember to look out for each other by keeping distance from each other.

We now have a fixed schedule and for me it works super well πŸ™‚ and can see we have got alot of new followers! Which we are incredibly excited for <3 Can now tell you that Rottwitts going to stream from NordicSlots again. Rottwitts contacted me to ask if he could do a stream from our channel now and then. Baj8900 and I have agreed to this. As it is now it only a few times a month but his help would be really great for us πŸ™‚

im working on makeing a competition for all of you who watch our Twitch. Here you have a chance to win;) More info will come when we are getting ready to do it.


I was contacted by a casino that I had looked at a bit. After talking back and forth with them, I chose to open up for them. These are casinos that I’ve only heard good about and if you want to see one of their casinos in action then look over at our Twitch tomorrow night where we check it out πŸ™‚
The casinos in question are: LokiCasino GoldenStar GunsBet EuSlot WabbySlot CrazyFox.


Have now had a few hours to work on the site and we are getting closer to the 100% before the page is as it should be. Will say we are at 70% still missing a lot in the background and some pages that you can’t see yet but the next few days will go to work on the page as much as I can. thank you for your patience <3

That was all for this week.
 Be careful out there! and now win big