September: News, Twitch, Deals.

Hi Everyone hope it goes well.

At first I would regret I have not come up with news the last few months, it is due to summer vacation and personal life has taken a lot of time.

We have chosen to take in a few more casinos. It will for the next while be the last we accept. However, there may be some exceptions. The reason for this is that we are working on updating a lot of small errors in the background, which for a long time just stood and I have to make it.

We work with a lot of small adjustments and corrections to optimize the page. We also have a lot of small things that are fixed and updated, this is what we are doing. It will take some time as it is all pages that need to be corrected and saved. Many thanks to you who have contacted us when you have experienced an error or problems, it is really a help we really appreciate.

september news NordicSlots

We are still streaming on the loose 🙂 however we have been unstable due to summer holidays and other things. We really appreciate all of you who come by and say hello when we are live. We have chosen to pay to legally play music on our channel. However, our VOD would still be muted automatically so at each VOD we must tell you we have rights to play music.

Other things:
We are incredibly happy for each and every one of you who use our site and not least our links. Therefore I have also chosen to have something drastic happen, what it is and when it will be I can not tell you yet but it is something I am sure you would like;)

Thanks for now.